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The law firm was formed on October 25, 1999 by Eric G. Bjotvedt and provides immigration law services to clients everywhere in the United States and around the world. Before starting his own law practice, Mr. Bjotvedt was a Federal Officer with the United States Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Mr. Bjotvedt worked in that capacity with the Immigration and Naturalization Service as a federal examiner for eight years. With this unique experience, Mr. Bjotvedt has been able to enter the practice of Immigration Law as a new, yet established, immigration attorney. The law firm works closely with the Hispanic, Islamic, Indian & Asian communities in the United States in serving their legal needs and the firm is currently expanding overseas to serve clients there directly. 

The firm specializes in Immigration Law and is committed to providing effective and cost efficient legal services. Other areas the firm handles cases in include Corporate, Family, Personal Injury, Property & Real Estate, and Consumer Fraud. Additionally, the firm provides legal services relevant to Immigration Law such as juvenile, adoption, guardianship and corporate matters. The firm has represented and counseled clients from all around the world. The firmís present corporate clients include All India Online Pvt. Ltd., Inc., IS&T Inc.. and Pokarna Granites Ltd.

The firmís office is located in north Phoenix in the beautiful sonoran desert. The firm is quickly building a great reputation in the community thanks to its commitment to provide quality legal services in a professional and courteous manner to its clientele.

Attorney Profile

Mr. Bjotvedt received both his J.D. degree in 1999 and an award honoring his academic excellence from California Western School of Law in beautiful San Diego, California. 
He obtained his M.B.A. Degree from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona in 1995 and has studied abroad in London, England and Toulouse, France. He was born in New York in 1965, but has spent most of his life in the Phoenix area. He is admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals and is a member of the Arizona State Bar Association, the American Immigration Lawyerís Association, the World Affairs Council and Board of Directors of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Arizona.

Although Mr. Bjotvedt started the law firm as a newly admitted member of the Arizona State Bar, he brings eight years of immigration law experience with him from the United States Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service. Specifically, Mr. Bjotvedt is a former federal immigration examiner with the Immigration Service. 

With this unique experience, Mr. Bjotvedt is able to help his clients fully understand the immigration law process. This is crucial to his foreign clients who often times are very apprehensive and nervous about dealing with a government system that is foreign to them.

In addition, Mr. Bjotvedt is hardworking and ambitious in serving the needs of his clients. He is also sensitive and understanding to the needs of his foreign immigration clients especially given that his family background is so diverse. For example, Mr. Bjotvedtís brother-in-law is Native American India. He also comes from a family of immigrants and still has family in Norway. 


Our aggressive Staff is experienced and cordial to help you through your legal needs. Many years of experience in Immigration Law makes our firm result oriented towards total client satisfaction. We communicate in Spanish, Urdu, and Hindi. 

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